I have reached the “build your own website” stage of COVID-19 quarantine

This github pages and jekyll business is quite slick so far! I have held onto this cute domain name for a few years and just could not get started on it.

My partner helpfully suggested that I go with a blog style, which is probably a little more organic and suitable for my whole way of doing things.

Some ideas that I want to play with on this humble site of mine:

  • Hobbyist tech projects
    • Ham radio and wireless
      • Antenna Modeling and Design
      • Radio Astronomy
      • Homebrew equiprment
      • Not contesting. Blegh!
    • Automation and robotics
      • RepRap
      • Gardening
    • Verilog
    • Embedded C
    • DSP
    • Open-Source software
    • Electromagnetics Simulation
  • Weather
  • Music
    • Sampling
    • Processing Effects
    • Digital Synthesis
  • Documentation for troubleshooting, prior projects
  • Interactive data plots
  • Talk about habits, er… lifehacks
    • Documentation has been on my mind a lot lately…
    • Omotenashi
    • Organizing Thoughts and Planning
  • Pictures of cool places
  • Links to useful resources
  • Rabbit holes of various sorts

So, it seems that I have many directions I want to take this, and many of them are open-ended. I suppose if you know me at all, you can expect it to be scattered.
My hope is to get into making some kind of little post every now and again on something that I found interesting or useful.